Good increase in the number of marathon runners compared to 2011 (+ 17%), 3982 the “finisher”, to which must be added the 7892 who preferred to share the effort (1973 relay races).

The “my” Milan City Marathon 2012 is full of doubts: the few certainties gained during the winter preparation have miserably disappeared 3 weeks before at the Ferrara Marathon. In the projects I should have run the Este marathon as a very long one in preparation for the 2012 MCM, but the “wall” encountered towards the 30th km, probably the worst ever experienced in my short career, made me question a little bit about everything …

The initial idea that made me register with the Milan City Marathon 2012 was to run together with a dear Milanese friend, whom I hadn’t seen for so many years: what better time to remember old episodes and keep up with the recent ones, at a distance of many years, if not running a marathon together?!? Cuddled and shuttled to Milan, in practice I was freed from all those little pre-marathon duties, finding myself on the grid a few moments before the start, singing the national anthem, without any precise chronometric lens. 3-2-1, go! Passing under the inflatable start I thought, “Run and have fun”.

From time to time glance at the chrono, to avoid exaggerating with the gait, distracted by the chatter exchanged with my friend of fortune, with the pacer balloons (only one?!?) Of the 3h30 ′ ahead a hundred meters scarce. Short-medium term objective was to reach them, without haste. With a steady pace at 4’50 “/ km (or even less) the head repeated to slow down, only a few weeks before, with a much slower pace, I had crashed dramatically against the” wall “.

Everything goes well until, just before the 10th km, we reach the large group of 3h30 ′. The head would be happy to remain in this position, in the two previous attempts, in Reggio Emilia and Ferrara, but I had to abandon this proposal near the “wall”. Then change tactics: this time we move on! There is a lot of work to be done in agility, to extricate yourself from puddles and sidewalks and to overcome the large group, still very numerous and compact.

Until the passage of the “half” (1h42’52 “) the rhythm is punctuated by the noise generated by the hundreds of large group shoes behind us, as long as they approach a few meters because, automatically, we accelerate the constant rhythm we are trying to keep: basically slightly too fast for me, and slightly too slow for my partner. This contrast of forces practically nullifies the inevitable fluctuations in rhythm, ensuring that no more than 1-2 ”variations are detected at each mileage step!

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